China plans online gambling crackdown

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Potential operators have no avenue to even attempt to acquire an online gambling license. Therefore, online gambling is mostly dead in China. There are a couple of exceptions for internet sports betting, but there's nothing in place for casino gambling or poker. The rest of this section will address offline gambling only. Hong Kong

Net gambling crackdown in N.Y. - CNET Net gambling crackdown in N.Y. A New York online gambling firm is at the center of state and federal crackdowns on companies charged withNew York Attorney General Dennis Vacco today announced plans to sue World Interactive Gaming. He sent a letter informing the firm that he intends... China arrests 30,000 in crackdown on porn and gambling In one case, police cracked down an online gambling gang in Huizhou City on November 24. The gambling activities involved funds totalling 30Earlier this year, police in the province had captured 3,033 suspects in a prostitution crackdown launched after a February media exposure of sex... China’s Crackdown on Online Gambling Falters as Gambling

Online Gambling Laws. There is no difference in the level of crime between players betting with illegal land-based casinos or betting with foreign gambling websites. While the government is very active in blocking access to these websites, there are ways to use them and it is very rare to hear of any players arrested. History of Gambling in China

China charges Crown Resorts employees in gambling … 18 employees of Australian casino operator Crown Resorts, including Senior Executive Jason O’Connor, will go on trial in Shanghai on gambling-related charges, according to Chinese authorities. In a disclosure to the Australian stock exchange...

China 'concerned' over Philippines' detention of Chinese in ...

Simply taking the game on its own merits, the launch of Crackdown 3 isn't anything especially interesting. The greatly delayed arrival of a one-time system-seller, transformed into a merely competent bit of fun by years of development … Chinese Government Sqaushes Online Lottery Sales On Tuesday, Chinese leaders announced plans to “severely crack down on any form of illegal business activities, such as online private lottery and online gambling conducted in the name of lottery tickets,” according to a prepared statement …

China Arrests Thousands in Porn, Gambling Crackdown

However, the recovery may be moving along too quickly. The news of a potential crackdown in response to increased gambling revenue actually caused some gaming stocks to decline. Since the downturn in 2014, Macau has attempted to build more mass market venues and hotels to broaden its tourist appeal. China plans online gambling crackdown - Reuters